Pop Inspired: Lover Eras Pack - Set of 6 sheets

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48.00 Ounces
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Pack includes (1) sheet each of Pale Blue, Bubble Gum and Yellow Easyweed, (1) sheet of Siser Glitter Confetti, (1) sheet of Siser Holographic Moonlight Pearl, and (1) sheet of Siser Sparkle Buttercup Yellow. The perfect combination for all of your good ideas and power moves…only for a limited time. Ain’t that the worst thing you’ve ever heard? Take advantage while supplies last, ‘cause good ones never wait.


Lover Eras pack - $19.89

  • EW-61 Pale Blue
  • EW-79 Bubble Gum
  • EW-06 Yellow
  • GL-16 Confetti Glitter
  • HG-91 Moonlight Pearl Holographic
  • SP-06 Sparkle Buttercup Yellow
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