12-Inch Vinyl

Do you desire a faster tack application of vinyl? Are you looking for a smaller purchase size in comparison to yard rolls? Then you may want to consider going with twelve-inch vinyl sheets instead. These often measure twelve by fifteen inches and are better for smaller products. You can get some stylish patterns, just in time for holiday merchandise or hitting the next fashion trend.

The twelve-inch vinyl is often ready to heat and requires minimal preparation. You simply need to weed for an ideal finished result. Use a laser cutting system for best results, from brands like Cricut, Silhouette Cameo, or Siser.

12-Inch Heat Transfer Vinyl

We retail heat transfer vinyl in yardage generally; the 12 by 15 sheets are another option. Some products retail in twelve inches by a yard, if you want a smaller width by a more extended breadth. Always inquiring about our stock because we are licensed dealers for several brands. A few are CPSIA certified, meaning that you can use them in children’s items.

Among the brands are our ThermoFlex® Fashion Patterns. Before applying the vinyl, review our instructions. Do not dry-clean any apparel that uses this vinyl, and place warning labels appropriately. The peel is warm, with a temperature threshold of 320 degrees Fahrenheit. Cut a mirror image into the vinyl, reverse it, and apply the blade at a 45-degree angle. A pressure-sensitive carrier allows for easier weeding and applications.

For a standard wardrobe, we carry Thermoflex Fashion Patterns at 12 by 15 inches. Use 22 different patterns for your business. Some like florals will go well on totes and canvas. Others like tie-dye are better for apparel. With a soft stretch and rebound, you can get some very nice clothing.

You may want to appropriately prepare for the holiday seasons when attaching these materials to clothes, masks, or caps. For example, we have St. Patrick’s Day Patterns, which come in different arrangements of green or plaid. Using these means your customers will invite good luck when wearing these patterns.

Sister has other prints as well in EasyPatterns® Heat Transfer Vinyl. These prints are one of our top-rated products on the website. Choose from a dozen patterns, from a starscape to animal spots, to hop on the latest trend.

The EasyPatterns have easy cutting, weeding, and application which is excellent for a beginner business. One can use a simple home iron to apply the pressure without needing fancy heating equipment. Use with the TTD High-Tack Mask, which is easy to apply. We recommend preheating the garment and sticking with cotton or linens.

Apply ColorCraft Vinyls To A Wide Variety Of Fabrics

ColorCraft Vinyl is all about customer service, providing materials that offer detailed designs and durable material. Your merchandise will last for a long time when your customers buy it, as will the branding and logos.

To find out more, please reach out to us today. ColorCraft representatives will answer all of your questions about what vinyl will work best for your projects, large or small. That way you will not have to stock more supplies than necessary in compact spaces.

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