Weeding Picks

Weeding Picks

Weeding Tools For Crafting

While many cutters and machines can weed letters, having smaller weeding tools for crafting can help with fine lettering or design work. Often these handhold picks and pens provide the last bit of weeding after a cutting machine has finished with a basic design. They can also correct errors or allow a designer to personalize select pieces.

Ideally, these tools are made of stainless steel with rubber grips for ergonomic comfort. Using them will reduce hand strain, especially for larger vinyl volumes to press. They can also work with a heat press and adhesive vinyl, making them extremely useful for designers and businesses with multiple projects.

Vinyl Craft Weeding Tools Available For Purchase

Please view our selection of vinyl craft weeding picks and pens. These items are designed to handle the minor details and excess vinyl. You can also ask our specialists which products best suit your business and product output goals. See which ones qualify for same-day shipping if you order by 5 PM CST.

Standard Weeding Tool

A simple weeding tool will have a sharply curved tip that will cut through tiny pieces of vinyl. Curved tips can pick up the excess material more easily for weeding without removing or damaging the remaining design portions. Search for pens and picks that have durable material from reliable brands.

You can go right with the Specialty Materials brand when you have ambitions with tiny lettering or intricate details. Specialty Materials has a weeding tool that meets all of these criteria. It has a rubber grip, and a curved tip can handle any complex designs printed onto apparel or other merchandise.

Stainless Steel

Why consider stainless steel for your weeding tool? Because stainless steel is durable, has a high heat threshold, and is corrosion-resistant. As a result, one can use it easily with different types of heat press vinyl, and it will last for a long time.

Siser has a Stainless Steel weeder that is designed for easy use. It also has a finely curved tip to handle smaller areas and cavities with vinyl.

The Siser brand focuses on lowering the learning curve for both new and established designers. They designed this weeder to work with heat press vinyl requiring high application temperatures. As a result, you won’t have to worry about the tool suffering damage during use and can focus on the tinier designs.

Weeding Pen

The weeding pen is our top recommendation for any designer, regardless of experience. We consider it a game-changer because it has a fine tip that will pick up tiny pieces of vinyl and reduces the likelihood of air bubbles disrupting a heat press.

Curate More Vinyl Weeding Tools At Color Craft Vinyl

Color Craft Vinyl is your top source for Midwest design tools and supplies. We are an exclusive dealer for specific products. In addition to handheld weeding tools, we retail different types of vinyl, printers, and cutters.

Please get in touch with us today to find out which tools are best for weeding your heat transfer vinyl. Let ColorCraft Vinyl handle your heat press needs, and pair you with the proper brands for lettering and design needs.

  • 6" Siser Weeder


    6" Siser Weeder

    This durable stainless steel tool will not bend or break when weeding designs and be sharpened if necessary. Recommended for use with all Siser cuttable heat transfer vinyl and printable heat transfer vinyl materials. The Siser weeder allows you to weed...
  • Weeding Tool

    Specialty Materials

    Weeding Tool

    Weed faster and easier by using one of our weeding tools! Our weeding tools have a soft rubber grip for comfortable weeding. Its sharp, curved tip allows for easy and precise weeding and picking of even the most intricate designs.  
  • Weeding Pen

    Supply 55

    Weeding Pen

    The Weeding Pen is a game changer for weeding vinyl, Heat Transfer Vinyl and other materials. The contoured ink pen has a needle sharp pin point that allows you to stab and grab the tiniest pieces of material.