Adhesive vinyl is the perfect material for any project requiring an application to a solid or rough surface, as its flexible properties make it easy. It sticks to almost any surface without the use of heat, making it a great option for promotional projects. That is why a mask product from Oramask can provide assistance.

Oramask, from the Oracal line, is an adhesive vinyl formulated for application from stencils. This makes both spray and paint techniques easy and quick. Oramask is easy to weed and transfer, making it the best product to use for adhesive stencils of any kind.

Oramask Stencil Film And Paint Masks

The Oracal Oramask 813 Paint Mask Stencil is ideal for water-based paint applications. This tack water-based stencil is excellent against smooth, flat, rigid substrates. Oracal’s 813 stencil also features a translucent blue film, allowing for applications requiring background visibility.

Another Oracal product similar to Oramask 813 is Oracal 651 Permanent Gloss Vinyl. With a permanent adhesive and glossy finish, this vinyl has 15-inch widths. It is compatible with any die-cut craft cutters while handling the capabilities for large area surfaces, even suitable for car decals. This product is also available in a matte finish.

For excellent cutting and weeding properties, the Oracal 641 Gloss with 12-inch widths is another great choice. It has the lowest shrinkage of any vinyl film, providing you with a multitude of application options, including window graphics and POP displays. Similar to the Oracal 651, it too comes in a matte finish.

Oramask Stencil Vinyl Applications

It’s hard to find based paint applications, especially one that can be put on so smoothly, but that search ends here with Oramask. This is the product your company needs for stencil applications, especially spray or paint administrations. It’s easy to use and navigates on both rigid substrates and surfaces.

With its water-based adhesive, this mask stencil line is also perfectly suited for both indoor and outdoor applications. You’ll find it easy to apply these products for decals of any kind, as well as any other projects, from something as small as scrapbooking to a more time-consuming assignment like car detailing. When it comes to Oramask and stencil film, your decorative needs will be answered.

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