Oracal Glow in the Dark Vinyl

Oracal Glow in the Dark Vinyl

Do you have customers interested in glow-in-the-dark vinyl for their daily outfits or novelty wear? Have they expressed interest in reflective wear? Or do you want to increase storefront visibility in bad weather or at night?

You don’t have to wait to add them as additions to Halloween costumes; this vinyl is designed to last for a long time. Each has high-phosphorus or reflective beads woven into the vinyl. In addition, you can use them for industrial vinyl.

From a practical standpoint, apparel that appears in dim lighting can reduce danger for the wearer. Athletes that bike or run in the evening may wear reflective clothing to increase visibility on the road. Drivers in cars and trucks seeing a bike in the dark can avoid a potential accident or collision. As a result, everyone benefits from such material.

The same may go for children playing outside, so that drivers may see them and brake appropriately in neighborhoods. Alternatively, if they are with parents at a public place in the evening, such apparel makes it easy for them to see in the middle of a crowd. As an added bonus, glow-in-the-dark clothing may look perfect at a concert or a party, allowing children and teens to look stylish while staying safe.

Glow-In-The-Dark Adhesive Vinyl Options

Browse our selection of adhesive vinyl that can glow in dim light or with an absence. You may qualify for shipping deals if you order by a certain time. We are a dealer for several brands within the nearby regions so that you have access to several high-quality materials.

Always determine the compatibility of the vinyl with your printer or cutter. Some can work better on laserjet or inkjet printers depending on the material. Others may require more cutting and weeding for lettering and logos. If you are screen printing, it’s important to consider if the vinyl will lend itself well to the process.

One good choice is Oracal 9300 Cast Vinyl. Oracal is one of the most industrious vinyl brands in the business. This vinyl has a calendered high-gloss finish that is designed to catch the light. It will glow green in the dark after being exposed to a light source.

Use the permanent solvent-based adhesive to get a refined look and ideal contour. If you don’t want to use this option on clothing, it can also work on indoor or outdoor displays for your storefront. Mount a sign on a permanent or temporary basis, so that potential customers can see it in any weather.

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