HTV By Size

HTV By Size

Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) By Size

If you are using a heat press, you need heat transfer vinyl sheets to create the designs accordingly. Also known as HTV for short, heat press operators can use the vinyl for stickers, logos, and other branded designs. These heat transfer vinyl (HTV) by size options are more than perfect for when you have projects that have specific dimension requirements.

Standard HTV sizes range from 9*9 to 12 * 12, depending on the adult size that you prefer for printing. A vinyl alignment tool can help you choose the right sizes of sheets if you want to avoid cutting them by hand or ordering the smallest amount by accident. We recommend procuring one so that you can scale with ease.

Heat Transfer Adhesive Vinyl Sheets

View our available adhesive vinyl sheets by size. We are an exclusive dealer for several brands and can offer some same-day shipping deals if you order by 5 PM CST.

Compatibility With Iron Or Heat Press Vinyl

Not all vinyl sheets are uniform. We are talking mainly about heat press vinyl sheets, which lack sticky sides. Knowing the precise properties is important; otherwise, buying the wrong material can mean that you are spending more on what you cannot use in regular operations.

Always check sheet compatibility with your printer or cutter. Some sheets are better suited for inkjet or laserjet printers. Knowing this ahead of time, as well as if the vinyl will layer or not, will allow you to make an informed purchase without wasting any resources.

The same goes for the apparel material. Some forms of vinyl are better suited for cotton/polyester blends. Always check the compatibility ahead of time, and any laundry instructions. Washing at the right temperature can help the vinyl design last longer, leading to more satisfied customers.

Iron-On Vinyl For Adult T-Shirts

When impressing designs into different apparel, one size does not fit all. When you have different shirt styles, the same design requires scaling, either upward or downward. The proportions become even more crucial if sizing for either toddlers, children, or older adults. You also have to factor in the difference between adding an image to a baby onesie to a plus-size sweatshirt.

20″ Thermoflex Plus Regular Colors is our top specialty item regarding size and placement. You could use this on most fabrics, with nylon being the exception, and layer multiple colors. We recommend using cotton or cotton-polyester blends to optimize the matte finish. Use this material when you want a subtle finish.


Curate Your Vinyl Sheets With ColorCraft Vinyl

ColorCraft Vinyl knows that the right vinyl can allow your printer or craft cutter to work efficiently at any carrying capacity. Customer service is our highest priority, providing the products that you need. Your feedback is important to ensure that we have the necessary brands and equipment.

To find out more about HTV design potential and the images that you can make with layered imaging, please reach out to us today. ColorCraft Vinyl can match your personal preferences with the proper sheets for vinyl design and layering.

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    Specialty Materials

    20" Thermoflex Plus Regular Colors

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