Siser Cutter

Siser Cutter

Siser Cutters, namely the Juliet machine, demonstrate high-quality vinyl cutting within a compact device. They are designed for business owners with different capacities to accommodate large or small business operations. The startup designer can work with a reduced output to determine what merchandise works with heat transfer vinyl,

The Siser brand has always focused on combining customer satisfaction with innovation. They have easy-to-weed heat transfer vinyl options and a low learning curve for all their products. We recommend using Siser when you are starting in vinyl or are teaching yourself a complicated design.

Siser’s Juliet Machines

Juliet is the signature cutter from Siser. The company describes Juliet as a “sultry” machine that packs a lot of power within a small frame. You can cut materials with widths up to 12 inches thick with a mat and even thicker without one. In addition to handling SIser heat transfer vinyl, Juliet can also work with cardstock, foam, and stickers.

We recommend the Siser Juliet 12″ Cutter, which pairs well with easy-to-use Siser Sublimation markers. Adjustable pinch rollers allow you to extend beyond the cutting mat and set your vinyl limits.

When you work with Juliet, you get a touchscreen that contains intuitive controls and a registration camera. The registration camera helps with precision cuts and transfers your style from the company-owned software.

Connect With Leonardo™ Design Studio

Leonardo™ Design Studio is the Siser brand software and workspace to go with their printers and cutters. If you use the USB port to connect to the Internet, you will get online with Leonard. The software is compatible with Windows 8.1 and up and MacOS® 10.15 or higher. Make sure that your computers are updated before installing this software.

Yet if you need assistance with image creation, the workspace also has the necessary resources. One can use Leonardo to create designs from scratch using the artboard. One can even view tutorials Siser has created to benefit any designer to harness this incredibly versatile workspace. Take on special projects, learn new skills, and discover what you can do with this high-definition Cutter.

Do you feel more comfortable working with Siser-selected images that have sources? Upload and import images that meet your standards, including clipart. One can use the premade styles within the Leonardo library to play with designs. Royalty-free photos allow you to work with public domain or licensed images to experiment to your heart’s leisure for large or small projects. Siser constantly adds new pictures so that the libraries will stay updated.

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  • Siser Juliet 12" Cutter


    Siser Juliet 12" Cutter

    Welcome Juliet, Siser’s new 12” High-Definition cutter. Juliet has been designed to be not only advanced, but intuitive as well. Loaded with powerful features that are easy to understand, it is built to seamlessly adapt to your workflow...