Holographic vinyl reflects iridescence from a metallic surface. When the light hits the material, it will reflect a flash of colors at different angles. You also have a glittery texture that adds personality to any product.

The angles and lighting will change what colors will emerge, from silver to gold or metallic purple. As a result, holographic vinyl can dazzle passersby when they look at your displays, merchandise, or apparel. You can even place it on water bottles if you wish.

Holographic Vinyl HTV

Please browse our selection of holographic vinyl. You may qualify for same-day shipping if ordered by 5 PM CST. Determine the yardage your current operations require; we retail in customary units of feet and yards.

Before purchasing vinyl, check if it’s compatible with your printer and cutter. Most holographic HTVs are compatible with Cricut machines. Vinyl may require either laserjet or inkjet printing, depending on the material made. You also want to know what is easy to cut and how to clean the material after application.

Siser Holographic comes in seventeen different colors. They include standard primary colors while extending to Fuschia, gold crystal, and even rainbow. The variety has Siser’s custom Pearl material, which provides an opalescent finish to its vinyl. Cut the design reverse; the material is easy to cut for weeding.

This vinyl material is best applied at 320 degrees Fahrenheit. Do not use an ironing board during the process; a flat surface is best for a consistent finish. Medium-firm pressure is best for 15-20 seconds. Cut and print with the glossy side up on the mat.

If you apply holographic vinyl to apparel, wait 24 hours before watching the clothes. We recommend using cotton or linen blends. Wash without bleach, implement a mild detergent, and use a tumble-dry; dry-cleaning will reduce the shelf life of the holographic vinyl.

Why Use Holographic Heat Transfer Vinyl?

Holographic vinyl can simulate the feel and look of rhinestone-embedded material without needing to apply that material. While rhinestones look pretty, they can also fall off easily over time and are laborious to use. WIth the right cut, it can mimic the light reflecting off the glitter.

In addition, most holographic vinyl is CPSIA-certified, meaning that one can apply it to children’s products. Many children love having sparkly products, including phone covers and t-shirts. The holographic vinyl also will not shed glitter, making it more practical when conveying the same effect.

Pair Your Cutting Machine With Heat Transfer Material From ColorCraft Vinyl

ColorCraft Vinyl is your top dealer for heat transfer vinyl supplies. As an exclusive retailer of certain vinyl and machine brands, we provide access to some of the newest trends on the market. Our team is very concerned with your satisfaction and seeks to provide exactly the products you need.

Please reach out to us today to find out more about our eye-catching vinyl options for your products. ColorCraft Vinyl will answer your questions regarding which vinyl is best for your project, what transfer tape to use, and the needed machines.

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    Siser Holographic

    Holographic contains color changing chips that create the effect of depth and dimension. Available in many special effect colors and finishes, Holographic will take your designs to a new level. Love the look of rhinestones but don’t want to go...