3 Ideal Vinyl Patterns For Your Cricut Machine

3 Ideal Vinyl Patterns For Your Cricut Machine

3 Ideal Vinyl Patterns For Your Cricut Machine

Cricut is one of the most reliable brands for vinyl cutting and printing. Many designers find the machines accessible for design. But what patterned vinyl should you use for a Cricut? We recommend three ideal vinyl patterns for your Cricut machine.

Patterned vinyl can help designers save a step in creating brands and prints. They can wrap around water bottles, bags, and even creative apparel. That’s why finding one with either removable or heat transfer vinyl and the right contact paper can make a difference when you are creating designs and vinyl shapes on Cricut.

Best Vinyl Patterns For Your Cricut Projects

Which patterned vinyl should you use when designing a wall or car decal? We have listed some of our favorite brands below, a few known for accessible applications. Some are CPSIA Certified, meaning you can use them for children’s apparel and related products.

Fashion Flex

Fashion Flex is a vinyl that focuses on subtle pattern colors. Their options include colored marble textures, zebra stripes, and spotted prints. Such a flexible material means you can apply it to various apparel.

Use the Cricut blade at a 45-degree angle, and the temperature should range between 315 and 330 degrees Fahrenheit. Use firm pressure between 17-20 seconds. Cricut can easily carry out these instructions.

DecoFilm® Soft Metallics

DecoFilm® Soft Metallics has a delicate pattern accenting any fashion or apparel. It will also mimic the garment’s surface, and we recommend it for nylon blends, cotton, and acrylic. Different finishes and patterns allow you to apply various textures with a soft touch for any wearer.

Angle the Cricut blade at 45 degrees when cutting, and apply the design with mirroring. Set the ideal temperature range between 302 and 320 degrees Fahrenheit. Use a cold peel and cover with Teflon for roughly four seconds.

Siser Easyweed

Siser Easyweed HTV is designed for easy use and accessibility to beginner designers. The vinyl comes with a pressure-sensitive carrier. Pair with the TTD High Tack Mask for optimal application and easy cutting and weeding. In addition, Siser Easyweed is CPSIA Certified.


Siser EasyPatterns® Holiday Patterns is one of our recommendations if you have a Cricut machine. Every business needs to prepare for the holiday season, so having a few holiday patterns will help you prepare for the rush and demand.

How does one use Siser Holiday Patterns with a Cricut? Use the machine’s standard blade with the Iron On setting. Apply at an ideal temperature of 305 degrees Fahrenheit, and you can peel the carrier either hot or cold.

Pair Vinyl With Your Cricut Maker From ColorCraft Vinyl

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ColorCraft Vinyl is ready to pair you with a Cricut design matching your printing needs. We have you covered from permanent adhesive vinyl to heat transfer and removable options. Please reach out to us today to learn more about the best types of vinyl for your Cricut Machine.

Sep 13th 2022 Color Craft

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